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Real Name ,Danielle Rose, Famous Alias Missfattbooty. Ive also added Ms.Amor to the minaj. Im a Mother first off, Artist & Cook, Ive also persued my Modeling & Acting Career. Ive also started blogging as well. I express my life in front of the world. Ive very open-minded, laid back & really dont care wat others think, an IDGAF attitude sometimes. I open my life up, anything you woud like to know, just ask :-)
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Scorpio horoscope for Oct 2 2014 by Daily Horoscope (http://frtns.com/dh)

Scorpio horoscope for Oct 2 2014
You cannot plan ahead to omit the possibility of making a mistake. What you can do is learn, study, practice, plan, and strategize so that you can have the best outcome that is possible. No matter how much and how well you plan ahead, you can’t always control what happens. Go easier on yourself now, Scorpio. You may be so caught up in creating a perfect moment that you could miss out on chances to make it really great. Be more creative. Be less controlling. Allow yourself to go with the flow. You’ll have what you want if you aren’t so strict with yourself.

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Straight vodka burns less than telling you that what you did was okay.

—So maybe i’ll tell you with a slur in my speech (Life lessons I’ve learned so far #5)

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